Delphian School Provides First Aid Relief to 4,800 Haitians

In response to the global plea for aid, Delphian School students Jett Lahde and Nicole Danko led the relief fund collection for Haiti on behalf of the school community. Students, families and faculty alike pitched in together in support of aide for the Haitians following the catastrophic earthquake that struck the island on Tuesday, January 12th. 

Delphian students decided something must be done to help and began an aggressive campaign to collect funds, culminating in a check in the amount of $3,209.00, which was presented to the Salem chapter of the American Red Cross. The Delphian School donation was received by Ms. Magaret A. Sanner, Public Information Officer for the Salem chapter. Ms. Sanner was most impressed with how serious and professional the Delphian students were about organizing and completing their task and commented that the amount raised was notable and rare from a school community.

When asked about how the funds would be used, Ms. Sanner explained that a vast majority of relief help is based on small donations by many people. While still meeting the most urgent needs of water, food, mosquito netting and shelter, a ten dollar donation can also buy one first aid kit to serve 15-20 people. The Delphian donation alone translates into first aid for over 4, 800 people.

Ms. Sanner appreciated the outstanding effort the Delphian School provided, stating, “When Delphian School donated to the Red Cross, they didn’t just donate to a single organization but have become part of a bigger family of global relief world-wide.”


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