Giving to Delphi

We welcome the contribution of our parents whether they live locally or around the world. In recent years, our parents have made significant financial contributions to the school which are enabling the forward progress of our campus expansion. Our parents have made major contributions to our endowment fund, toward the building of a new gymnasium and dormitory, toward the addition of a new soccer field, tennis courts and running track, and many other campus facility and expansion projects.

We are also grateful to our parents, who offer us support both with fund-raising and with volunteering in various areas of the school—from coaching an athletics team to helping with restoration of favorite library books, our parents have generously donated their time and expertise to enriching the school.

There are many ways our parents can contribute. Specific opportunities include:

* Helping with student-run fundraisers such as the annual Dance-A-Thon or the Lower School Bike-A-Thon, either through donations of time or through sponsoring students.
* Volunteering in co-curricular areas of the school (Athletics, Ceramics, Art, Equestrian, Computers, Music, etc.) or contributing as an expert in one’s field by hosting our students in apprenticeships or in speaking at our Advanced Business Seminar
* Hosting Admissions Tours in their area or helping to plan Admissions Events
* Working as a School Representative or as one of our ‘Parents to Call’ for prospective families
* Helping to host our annual Business Seminar Field Trip, either personally or at their place of business.


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