Delphian School Presented with “Oregon Green School” Award

This article is an excerpt from the McMinnville News-Register, By Yvette Saarinen

Western Oregon Waste recently presented an Oregon Green School award to the Delphian School, a private school located in Sheridan.

Delphian’s population is divided between live-in students and local commuters. Within its doors, they promote recycling and help sort items into the plentiful recycling bins.

Water-saving shower heads and toilets are in use. Announcements encourage turning out lights when they aren’t in use.
Instead of food trays, students use plates to carry their food. The change encourages them to take less on their trip through the cafeteria line, but they can go back for seconds if they like.

Students, staff and parents participate in a Sustainability Club that works on environmental issues. Students tend a garden, which teaches them how to make and apply their own compost and grow their own food.

“Conservation of resources is very much a part of Delphian life,” said Darol Funk, recycling education coordinator at WOW. “The Delphian students are a very impressive bunch of kids.”


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