Mid-Season Report

Hello Dragons Sportsfans! Midseason has arrived and it’s time for an update on the Dragons’ progress.

We now have formed into a working and in-communication team of eager players – Job #1 accomplished. Job #2: Form further into a team that is competitive at the level of play in the tough Tri-River League. In a nutshell, we are still looking for our first league win – Gadzooks! 

Now this could be a grim message, but ho! It is not! Why? Because in practice, League play and at the recent high-end tournament at North Marion High, the Dragon-girls have been working long and steady and battling hard out on the courts. The North Marion High weekend tournament had top teams in it, the majority of which were from schools in higher classifications than us. As the draw would have it, we were in the toughest pool. But the girls in green came up with high resolve, stepped up and steeled themselves to the advanced action, creating some solid play with all comers in our pool. The Dragons played competitive in that bracket play with exciting games and scores such as 21-19 against North Marion and 21-19 against Scappoose.

From the stats and data collected in this tournament, we re-grouped and put in a new and more effective offensive structure, which we only had time to groove in for one practice before trying it out during League play against the East Linn Eagles, one of the top contending teams in the League. The Dragons fared well, waxing steadily as the match proceeded, but alas, it was not enough for a League win. 

Since then we’ve drilled up and are ready for a new start as we begin the 2nd Round of League play this coming week. We’ll be going at ‘em full force as the Dragons continue their rise and look to break into the wins column. 

Find out what happens when the next issue of Sportsfans News comes rolling out! Until then…Goooooo Dragons!!

Coach Kertchem


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