Student Council

Our students don’t just attend Delphi, they own it. These days that may seem unusual, but it is one of the most rewarding points of the Delphi Program. When young people are given responsibility for the operation of their community and its area, they learn a lot about themselves and about the dynamics of a group.

One of the ways our students come to own the school is through participation on Student Council. Student Council at Delphi is a large, active, student-run organization with several levels of membership. The Upper and Middle Schools have their own separate Student Councils.

In the Upper School Student Council, the key administrative officers are juniors and seniors. Upper School Student Council members known as Dorm Captains work under the direction of the Director of Resident Services to ensure the dorms are run well and are maintained in good condition. Bathroom Captains are likewise responsible for overseeing student cleaning crews in dorm bathrooms daily, with students assigned from their respective dorms on a rotating basis.

All on-campus weekend activities are managed by members of Student Council in coordination with the Director of Student Affairs, including planning, organizing, promoting, setting up, cleaning up and actually running the activities. Other jobs in Student Council might include fund-raising for particular projects for the school, helping to coordinate community service projects, or overseeing a dorm Skit Night.

Student Council is an integral part of Delphi’s Upper and Middle School programs. By participating in Student Council, students learn leadership skills and develop a sense of responsibility for their group. Student Council offers students insight into real world planning and organization and provides a venue for them to practice and apply what they are learning in school each day.


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