Weekends & Trips

There is rarely a dull moment on the Delphi campus, and weekends are no exception. Students may take trips into nearby cities for shopping and sightseeing, or participate in overnight camping and hiking trips to the Cascade mountains or the coast. Once a month or so, students may go into Portland specifically to see a musical, opera or play. Community service may also be a part of weekend activities, in which Delphi students go out into the local community and help on a particular project.

Many of the athletics team meets occur on the weekends, taking players either away for their games or involving them in games at home. If there aren’t any official games, sports tournaments are often planned in which the student body breaks up into teams and competes.

For on-campus weekends, the Student Council may put on a talent show, host a burger party, plan a dance or a foreign film festival, a trip to the movies or bowling, or any number of exciting activities. Because weekend activities are planned and organized by Delphi students, there is always something exciting to do when the week ends.

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of trips. Students may go to the famous Ashland Shakespeare Festival or spend the weekend skiing on Mt. Hood. There is generally one extended ski trip as well as several one or two-day ski trips throughout the winter.

In addition to skiing, the school has hosted trips to Washington, DC focusing on federal government, history and current events issues, and trips to Europe (Spain, France, England and Italy) focusing on language application, world history, art, literature and government.

Upper School students participating in the Business Seminar are invited to attend week-long tours to U.S. centers of commerce usually including Boston, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.


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