Discipline is a key component of any sports program, and hard work is demanded from every player for the team to flourish. The emphasis of Delphi’s athletic program is on participation and sportsmanship, and Delphi teams often win sportsmanship trophies from their league or tournament competition. Delphi students can participate in a wide variety of interscholastic sports activities including soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, baseball, and softball.

While each year is different, many of Delphi’s teams have routinely gone to their district championships and the State Playoffs, and the teams have even won the occasional State Championship. Delphi teams are most widely known and acknowledged for their sportsmanship and competitiveness.

While some sports begin competition at the Middle School level, many Delphi students choose to participate in interschoalstic sports teams throughout their years in the Upper School. All students are required to play on at least one Junior Varsity or Varsity team before graduation.

The team sports program is flanked by individual sports and other recreational activities which can include yoga, running, weight training, snowboarding or skiing, swimming, hiking, bowling and fishing.


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