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Pre-Season Report!

Greetings, Sportsfans!

Yes, a new season of Dragons Volleyball is upon us!

And I do mean new. Only one player will be returning from last season’s sensational team – whoa, Nelly! We definitely have some work to do.

What better way to commence than with a high-intensity pre-season practice week of three practices per day consisting of warm-ups and conditioning; instruction and drilling of the basics; team drills and training games; working out positions and offensive and defensive systems; and a study of rules, court protocol and stat systems? Throw in a pre-league Jamboree at Crow High School to get “everyone’s feet wet” and do some team tuning, and the newbies will well be on their way in their debut as the next team of Delphi Dragons!

Ten to twelve potential varsity players will grow and sharpen their dragon scales as they vie for starting positions. Above the usual push-ups, sit-ups and leg lifts, will be the challenging actions of the famed “Hill Run,” along with stair jumps and high-velocity bench drills for spike-receiving. High demand and an expectancy of fast, but steady, gain will also be part of the overall picture. But from communications had with these potential players, I know they are eager to play and willing to do what it takes to get prepared for live league action.

And live action it will be on the first official Delphi school day. For on that very day we will be going out to meet two Tri-River League (that’s the state league we are in) teams in an exciting opening gun! Back-to-back league matches against first the Culver Bulldogs and then the Western Mennonite Pioneers, who are returning most of their starters. Now that’s what I call an opening day challenge! And that’s why every moment of pre-season practice will be fast-paced, intense and packed with volleyball drills and data. But wait, there’s more! On our third school day (second day after the dual-match season opener) a Home Match is scheduled against the tough Santiam Wolverines – that’s three matches within the first three school days!

Yes indeed, the Dragon girls have big action coming on down the pike in the opening days of Fall 2009!

Our aim: Show ‘em the Dragon-flame! What? A brand new team taking it to seasoned vets? That’s right folks, “Think Big and Your Deeds Will Grow” as an unknown author once said. Definitely applies to the Delphi Dragons!

Find out how we fared in my next post!

Coach John Kertchem, Delphian Dragon Volleyball


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