Delphian Assistant Headmaster Participates in Scholarship Awards

Assistant Headmaster Mark Siegel was one of a panel of McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce representatives who helped emcee the First Annual McMinnville High School Pathways Scholarship Recognition Night. Mr. Siegel chairs the Chamber’s Business Education Partnership Committee, and as such he introduced educators and business members who awarded scholarships to students in health services, horticulture and hospitality/culinary arts. Under his direction, the Committee worked to ensure that Chamber member businesses served on each of McMinnville High School’s eighteen Career Pathways Advisory Committees.

Mark was introduced by Brian Crane, McMinnville High School Assistant Principal for Curriculum, who said, “It is interesting to note that a member of the private school community is so invested in this public endeavor, but we truly appreciate Mark’s guidance and support as the Chair of the Business Education Partnership Committee.” Mr. Siegel continues to receive thanks for his work as an educator, caring for students in both the public and private sector, and is thanked for his commitment to community service.


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